First Public House in Lurgan to introduce a food menu

The site on which The Cellar Bar stands has a great history in Lurgan.

First premises were established in 1818.

From 1845 there have only been 3 families that have been trading as Spirit Grocers and Publicans at the address.

The families are:

  • Donnelly 1845 -1900s
  • Donnelly & O’Neill 1900s – 1979
  • McCann 1979- Present Day.

The McCann Family bought the Site and Licence in 1979. The property was rebuilt and opened the doors in December 1980 and have been trading ever since, serving the local community and customers.

Being the first Public House in Lurgan to introduce a food menu to our venue back in 1981 which brought a different feel to the bar.

Now people find The Cellar not just a watering hole but a place that offers Top Quality Home Cooked Food, Drinks, Entertainment and Craic. This makes us popular with the whole community as a meeting place where everyone is welcome.